Our Webservices | Platform | Goracash

Our platform allows you to exchange information in safety thanks to our secure Webservices.

 Catching contacts via our forms

You can use our forms to catch leads and send them to us. To do so, you can go through our easy to use and 100% secure Webservices in order to send and receive data flux.

 Secure data transmission

Our Web Services are on the OAuth 2.0 model. An API key with a unique ID and password are generated.

 Callback service

In addition to the call center managing received calls, a call back service is available. You can send us information regarding your prospects and we will be in charge of calling them back.

 Clear and intuitive Guide Docs

You can have access to a Guide Docs to help you setting our Webservices. Our Affiliate Manager is also here for the follow up and answer any of your further questions.

 PHP Client library

Using PHP? We have built a library to ease even more the use of our Webservices.