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Discover our affiliate platform and monetize your traffc with Goracash, we are affiliate program leader in experts assistance on the Internet : psychic readings, renovation quote, in-home tutoring, psychology …

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Make the most of your webmaster experience, take advantage of our technology, services and promotion tools all for free. All is already set for you to focus on this crucial mission: acquire qualified traffic.

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Your affiliate account contains your own confidential information. We apply a strong security policy to guarantee the highest protection of your data.

 Daily assistance by our Affiliate Managers

Whether you are an expert in the field, an intermediary starting in one of our theme or even a newbie in the affiliate business, you can benefit from the daily advice and monitoring of your Affiliate Manager. You can also read our Guide Docs that explains how to set and use each of our promotion tool to ensure a good start.


Your statistics are exported through the Web services which is available in the section “Guide Docs” of your account. Our dedicated promotion tools allows you to check live the amount your earnings by product and thematic.