Our promotion tools | Platform | Goracash

Because you own the traffic and we handle the solution, we do our best to give you access to the best turnkey promotion tools.

 Tested and optimized tools

The email kits that can be downloaded on our interface have been tested and highly optimized. Plus, to get the right display of our promotion tools on each handset, our landing pages and email kits are in responsive design.

 New tools

The available tools are frequently updated per period, from the current offer to the targeted audience, for each thematic.

 Easy and customized tracking

Additional to the required tracking that allows you to be identified, you are now able to add a personal tracker to follow the conversion of each of your campaigns.

 AdSever to ease the process

Our Ad Server will allow you to display the most converted banner per offer, language and market to our visitors, thanks to a unique code.

 Quick integration

Insert directly our iframe on your pages without having to create your own form.