Psychic Readings offer now available for ITALY

Buongiorno a tutti,

Here is A new that will please most of you : Our Psychic Readings offer is finally available in ITALY ! Our affiliate program is becoming global in order to provide our affiliates/webmasters with much more daily sources of income.

Target Italian trafic from Italy and Switzerland.

Promote a high quality psychic readings consultation with our native skilled Italian mediums.

Catch this prospects with attractive offers:

  • Italy : 10 minutes of consultation for only 1€ then 1.5€/min (paid per Visa or PayPal)
  • Switzerland : 10 minutes of consultation for only 1 CHF then 1.8CHF/min (paid per Visa or PayPal)

Payout :

  • We will pay you 40€ non VAT included per new client generated by the landing page
  • And 20€ non VAT included per new client generated by a phone number.

Interested by this offer?

Log in our Affiliate account to get the promo tools below :

  • Email Kits
  • Banners
  • Landing page (Please note to replace the idw 1234 by your own affiliate ID of 4 digits.)
  • Phone numbers to connect your audience to our mediums :
    • Italy +39 06 94 80 08 70 + promo code (your idw)
    • Switzerland +41 2 25 18 61 95 + promo code (your idw)

Tips to optimize your campaign:

  1. The Italian call center is opened from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. Besides this hours, we encourage you to promote our landing page (promo process without call center) instead of displaying the phone number. Be ensured that all missed calls will reach a voicemail and will be called back during the opening hours.
  2. If planning to launch an email campaign, please inform your Affiliate Manager so we can alert the call center to optimize the conversion. 

Get ready, other new markets are coming !

Stay tuned…

The Goracash team