ARCEP reform for premium rate numbers

Dear affiliates,

Starting from October 1st 2015, an ARCEP reform entered into force for the premium rate numbers. The purpose of this reform is to give more visibility to consumers and to enable them to have more choices of the business models.

The pricing of the VAS numbers (Value Added Services) must now respect the following charter:

For print media or website: 

The rating chart of the SAV number has to appear on the screen in a suitable font and be visible in the normal legible conditions (on the same screen or on a next screen with the following disclaimer) without prejudice to the application of Recommendation mentions and references of ARPP. We advise you to remove the cartridge in your footer. You can create and download for free the cartridges of your numbers: http://numeroscontact.com/numero-contact-majore

For SMS campaign or Social Networks:

The number should be promoted in the following template: 0 892 000 000 (Premium service 0,60 €/min + call price)

For the radio:

Imprint should be cited as follows: "Premium service € 0.60 / min + call prices"

For all affiliates with a dedicated premium rate number, an email will be sent to clarify the new pricing and the raise of your payout. If you do not have a premium rate number yet, do not hesitate to ask for it, we will provide you with customer cost needed.

We remain available to guide you through the changes.

The Goracash® team