Billing: new rules in 2020

From Febuary 1, 2020, we change the billing rules.

The billing sessions will take place on the 6th and 19th of each month. Please note, these dates will be postponed when it is a closed day (week end, public holiday ...)

When can I send my invoice ?

From the 3rd each month, your invoicing request is available in your affiliate interface.
You have until the 6th of the month at 4 p.m., if you want it to be processed for payment on the 7th (or next working day), otherwise until the 19th of the month at 4 p.m., if you want it to be processed for the payment on the 20th (or next working day).

What information in my invoice ?

In order for your invoice to be processed as soon as possible and paid at one of these sessions, we invite you to:

  • Generate your invoice request on your affiliate interface
  • Specify on your invoice:

    • the detail of each month if you invoice several months, the amount for each theme and typology (as below)

      September 2019

      Audiotel Credit Card

      Work Leads

      Artisan Leads

      201 €

      154 €

      132 €

      October 2019


      Work Leads

      67 €

      192 €

    • your affiliate ID
    • Specify the invoice request concerned
    • Upload your invoice via your affiliate interface

Please note, only the company and the bank statement available in your affiliate interface will be taken into account. The bank statement of your invoice is not the one on which the payment will be made if it differs from your affiliate interface.

Be careful : Here is the address to send your invoices: 

MyBestReach SAS
Morning, Amsterdam
75 rue d'Amsterdam
75008 Paris

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information to prepare your invoice.

See you soon !
The MyBestReach Team